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NIP Versatile 500 have many in stock as of rite now
$15 ech
Coming soon Ford Versatile 1156 Blue Dulas and Triples!
Estimated to be about $55
Will also have chaser units as well

Custom Versatile 500 delta track very cool 

1/32 NIP Versatile 550 intro edition
Limited edition
$75 ech 
chrome red  chaser for $130 very limited 

1/32 NIP Versatile 500 
$45 ech 

Versatile NIP semi trailer and Versatile 500 singles set

NIP Versatile F-350 
$ 8ech

Versatile 1156 with triple or duals has a antena on cab  

NIP Versatile 1150 Chaser w/Chrome pipe and custom on decal, this is a rear factory made versatile. Triples or duals only a few left
$100 ech set for $190


Versatile 1150 vintage Delta Track custom detailed one of a kind 
$85 or best offer 
Pic coming soon!!
Custom 1150 with singles detailed comes with the box 
NIP Versatile 1150 top self TTT triple or duals new in the box from toy tractor times !
$50 ech
buy 2 and ill pay the shipping for one
1/64 versatile Cand come with skiny duals that are removable, Medium duals or Fat duals or singles  
Early Series 2 Mo. #’s
 700, 750, 800, 825 850, 900, 950
Late Series 2 Mo. #’s
835, 875, 935, 555 855, 895, 950
Note.. tell me what mo # and tries you want when ordering 
$35-$50 ech
1/32 Versatile 950 NIP harder tractor to fined

1/64 Versatile 500 with singles 

1/64 custom detailed 500 with rails mirrors and ect 
500 $50
550 $55

Versatile custom built 550 
$25 ech