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Just in 1/32 versatiles and 1/64 ford versatile dealer truck have a look at them and all are other versatiles !!

 To fined just go farm toy lot, tractors and then versatile !

New to the site is toy trucks and tractors that are on the lot ready to go have a look at what we have!!

Just go farm toy lot, then trucks or tractors and see what we have for you!!


We are currently under construction! so some pages are not up yet some things are done so have a look and see what is new!!!!



New NIP versatile and customs, to fined just click Toy Lot, Tractors and then Versatile!! 

Doing 1/64 custom builds !!

Will consider building just about anything in 1/64 form trucks to combines tractors ext !!! We build custom build to fit your needs maybe it is to look just like your truck or ect as the one you see in blogs like andersfogh.info, or maybe its just what you want to have for the self layout or even for play we can work out a deal with you PM or text 306-725-8113 or email us at wyattscustomfarmtoys@hotmail.com and we can work out a $!!! 

Sending pics helps out a lot so if you can send pic of what you want of the real thing or a toy of it you can send pics by text or email !!!

Wyatts Custom Farm Toys We can build a custom toy to fite your needs !!!!

Wyatt’s Custom Farm Toys 

Wyatt Gorrill 

Ph/Text 306-725-8113